Timeless Home Remodeling Trends in 2022

When we hear the word “trend” we automatically think of the phrase “here today, gone tomorrow.” So when it comes to designing homes, we try to create spaces that are not only thoughtful, but timeless – in other words, design that is seemingly unaffected by time. You’ll come across many articles about what the experts believe will be the top design trends of 2022, but in this article we are going to highlight the top 5 design trends of 2022 that we believe are here to stay.

More Windows

No matter what the size of your home is, more windows or even just larger ones, are always a great idea. Natural light in any room creates the illusion that a space is larger and brighter than it truly is. When we first wake up or after the routine of a busy day, daylight is not only refreshing, it is also recharging and energizing. And by now, most of us know that there are many mental and physical health benefits to letting light and fresh air in.

Versatile Spaces

Creating spaces in a home that can evolve with us over time will never go out of style. For example, a formal dining room may not be necessary for a young, newly married couple. Instead, turning that room into a home office could be more helpful in utilizing that space at that point in their life. Or maybe what was once a home office is now a nursery for the newest addition to a family – life is constantly changing and evolving so why not create spaces that can adapt to the particular season of life you’re in.

Mixing Old + New

Newer doesn’t always mean better. Embracing the mix of old and new can bring life to a space that was once lacking in personality. Part of the fun in adding furniture, art or accessories that are well-loved is that they have history – they tell their own story. Mixing old and new isn’t about the rules of a particular style but about adding character and charm to those spaces. Sometimes it helps to think about what a piece can become rather than what state it currently is in. These pieces, whether old or new, make your home personal and speak to your personality and lifestyle.

Layers of Texture

Adding layers of texture to any space creates visual interest and dimension. The character of natural stone, raw wood, exposed brick or vintage brass can add life to any space. By adding different textures we can move away from cold and sterile and instead surround ourselves with colors that are welcoming and inviting. Even the simple, natural beauty of plants add softness to the harder textures within our home. For those of us that can’t seem to keep indoor plants alive, even faux plants can offer unfading beauty and texture.

“Fun” Utility Rooms

With most of us having spent more time working from home over the last couple of years it’s now time to transform our utility rooms into spaces we actually enjoy spending time in. These rooms where we do many household tasks still have the potential to bring joy to our daily lives. Laundry and utility rooms are often put on our “low-priority” list when it comes to designing these spaces but even while doing “chores” these spaces can not only be functional but also just as beautiful as the rest of our home. These are great areas to infuse your personality and be more creative with the tile, wallpaper or selected finishes. Adding more character and personality will draw us in and turn the mundane into something enjoyable.

Every space in your home has the potential to be not only functional, but also beautiful in its own way. We hope these five timeless trends inspire you to thoughtfully design spaces in your home that you genuinely love and never want to leave.


 Marci Adargo


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