Better Alternatives to Building a New Home in Pismo Beach

Why it’s hard to get a permit for new construction in Pismo, and what to do instead

If you are planning to build a new home in Pismo Beach, you may want to consider alternative ideas. The city has a very limited amount of new homes they allow each year. Pismo Beach Municipal Code states in chapter 15: “…the city building official shall not issue building permits for new dwelling units which exceed [3%] of the total number of dwelling units existing in the city on January 1 of the prior calendar year.”

Basically, it’s really hard to get a permit for new construction because they are very specifically controlling the city’s growth. 

But don’t stress – we have a better alternative.

The Data

The 2020 Census reports that only 67% of the 2,700 housing units in Pismo Beach are actually occupied. And as of writing this, there are a little over 60 homes on the market. 

So instead of building more houses, let’s make the ones that already exist better. When we improve the homes in our area, we all benefit from greater home value.

To the Studs

The planning efforts to build a new home can be very costly on their own. You have to have the land surveyed, get power and water connected to the municipal grid, and permits for new homes are much more expensive than remodeling permits. 

We can save you significant time, effort, and money by remodeling an existing home. If the lot location is right for you, we can make the home better. This way you get the new home feel, without the new construction timeline or cost.

Whole Home Remodeling

One of the best ways to make a home more functional and attractive is to take parts (or all) of it down to the studs and rework the existing interior footprint. We can take care of every step from start to finish. Each room of your home holds abundant potential, but figuring that out on your own can be overwhelming – that is why our crew at Frantz Construction is here to help you design and create an amazing space that fits you and your family’s needs. 

When you start contemplating and strategizing your complete home renovation, it’s advisable to tackle it one room at a time, identifying what requires a revamp and jotting down your preferences or aversions about the area. This initial step will aid you and our crew in revamping your home from the ground up. Whether it’s kitchens, bathrooms, or guest rooms, the options are limitless and we’ve got your back. We will oversee and implement every facet of the procedure to construct your ideal home.

Home Additions

Another great way to improve space and functionality of an existing home is to build a home addition. There are lots of different ways you can add on to your home: 

  • Simple room addition – great for projects like extending the kitchen, adding a new bathroom/powder room, a complete en suite bedroom addition (this is particularly helpful for adding an accessible bedroom to the first floor of the home), or adding a mudroom/laundry room
  • Addition and interior remodel – also called the “conventional house addition,” this is best for projects that will include a significant change to the layout of the home (for example, moving your kitchen from one side of the house to another, in a new addition)
  • Story addition – this helps add space to a one-story home or build a small apartment-style room over a garage and is commonly done for adult children living at home or creating a space to rent out for a source of income
  • Bump outs & dormers – known as “micro-additions,” adding these to the home can do things like expand attic space or create a window nook in the family room, and will usually increase curb appeal.
  • Finishing – if your attic or basement is unfinished, finishing it out is a much quicker way to add livable square footage to your home than a traditional addition. The garage can also be finished into a comfortable, livable space.
  • Enclosing a porch/sunrooms – sunrooms don’t necessarily add square footage to your home, but they do give you extra space that you can spend time in year round and are a great way to bring the outdoors in. 

Adding on to your home can be a 
big decision and process. Therefore, we understand you want a contractor and partner that will deliver an exceptional experience of constant communication, planning advice, and superior end results – Frantz will be that for you and have you covered every step of the way.


Taking on a full home remodel or building a home addition can be quite a process. Envisioning how everything will look and feel or doubting if you’re choosing the right countertops can make things stressful. Our design-build team will walk you through each step making sure you feel confident with the home we’re building. 

As we work together to create your new home, we can talk about the cost and timing of different features. If you want to add something expensive, we can explain how it would affect the project. Our process helps avoid unwanted surprises for everyone.

Our team at Frantz Construction values creating a working partnership with open and honest communication. Most importantly, we vow to deliver a final product that will match your family’s needs and style. Let’s start dreaming and building.

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