Our Process

We believe that your experience is our product

Our first priority is making sure our clients enjoy the home building process by providing exceptional communication, end results like they envisioned, and an experience that they’ll never forget. We pride ourselves in creating strong relationships with our clients and delivering what we promised on time and on budget.

The Frantz step-by-step process

Your key to an unparalleled building experience

We know that big projects can be both exciting and stressful. At Frantz, we have many decades of experience and over the years have perfected our process with our clients in mind to create a seamless and less stressful experience. We will walk with you step-by-step with open and honest communication — no matter the size or scale of your project.

Remodeling has a lot of moving parts, but we are committed to giving you our very best every day and delivering a product that you will love and cherish for years to come. Here is an overview about how the Frantz Construction process works for you.

First, we both need to conclude that we are a fit for each other. We’ll do a deep dive into your vision to make sure that we “get it.” We’ll talk about budget, vision, schedule, financing, as well as roles and expectations throughout the process.
Before entering into a Construction Agreement together there will be pre-construction processes for which there will be fees separate from the construction contract. These pre-construction processes will be handled with what is called a Professional Services Agreement (PSA)*.

*The PSA does not obligate you to enter into a Construction Agreement with us and you own the results of the design work covered by the PSA.

With all or most of the results of the PSA work in hand, it is time to talk through your project. We will take all the time you want to be comfortable and confident. We’ll go over the scope of work, project plan, progress payments, timelines, logistics, and concerns. You will meet your project manager and discuss how communications can be handled.
We will now have all the information to provide a guaranteed price for your project, and you will have signed off on the design and production plan. You’ve met your project manager and know who will be doing what to whom. We will provide an Agreement for our mutual signatures, and go over and explain every deal to your satisfaction.
During the building phase, we will handle all the details of ordering materials, scheduling, oversight, and coordination. Concurrently, we will diligently keep you up to date on progress and issues.
No matter how carefully we plan your project together you may find you would like to make some changes along the way — and that’s okay! We are prepared to cheerfully accommodate any changes you want to make. The agreement will explain how the costs associated with your changes will be handled.

You’re on the home stretch! During the completion phase we will meticulously inspect, meet for a final review, perform a final clean-up, document your feedback, and provide our industry-leading lifetime warranty on our work. It is imperative to us that we maintain the exceptional level of craftsmanship and service throughout every phase of this process.

With your home transformations complete, we’d like to thank you for letting us help bring your vision to life.

Frantz Construction was always very professional and kind and really cared about making sure that we are happy with the final product.